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EMOTIONAL AGILITY Singing Lessons Online 

You are a singer or want to be a singer but:
You have not yet learned the vocal technique to enhance your issue?
You know you have a talent, but you need to be followed because often you lose your voice or you are tired after a short vocal performances in public?
You do not know how to protect your voice from stress?
Not unable to perform complex harmonies and vocal exercises?

You NEED your Personal Vocal Coach at your disposal.
Developing each student’s individuality and spirit in order to discover their potential.

Proper breathing and Breath control
Correct postur
Relax vocals muscles
Ease tension and Relieve stress
Intonation and Resonance
Increase your vocal ranger
Voice modulation
Interpretation and Diction
Develop power
Gain confidence 
Voice control undress stress
Develop personality and audience interaction
Gain positive attitude and Get Ride of shyness
Fell the music 
Riff & Runs
Harmonize with other voices
Microphone techniques
Vocal structure
Take care of voice: Healthy Singing
Recording studio test
Prepare for a contest 

Teaching Methods Pro

· Phoniatrics and Speech: proper breathing and phonation for the use of the singing voice (and spoken), several technical issues are addressed and ironed out many of the doubts about the correct and scientifically based vocal affecting most of the singers and may be found, or prevent any disturbances such as nodules, polyps, and hypotonic stress of the strings

·Scat and vocal improvisation: in addition to the laboratory jazz vocalists and instrumentalists who will introduce guests

to the use of voice in jazz, on harmonic turns, blues, standards. Analysis of maximum harmonic structures and study

of the major scales and modes

· Digital recording of voice: with burning a cd with one or two songs of your choice. Establish tonality, time and interpretation, individual recording sessions, aimed to the recording of a master professional-quality CD, DAT or MP3

· Interpretation and ensemble music: the singers, with the guidance of a teacher, will be accompanied by a trio of piano,

bass and drums in the arrangement and interpretation of jazz tunes, bossa nova, music copyright and light. The intent

is to put in a condition to drive properly vocalist musicians who accompany him in the choices rhythmic, harmonic, expressive, making the most of the dialogue and the musical choices of interpretation.

· Gospel Choir: harmonization in three, four or more items of classic songs from the repertoire gospel and spirituals,

dynamics and phrasing, notions of reading the score, history.

 · Speech-Level Singing:  the American method of Seth Riggs, a vocal technique that offers the maximum relaxation

of emission. Widely practiced in the United States, includes the likes of Stewie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Al Jarreau among its supporters.

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