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Pop Gospel Choir in UAE

Musical direction:


The project is to make learning fun but at the same time acquire

a good vocal presence so that we can show choir in appropriate contexts.

It will work on a repertoire of songs ranging from gospel to pop melodic.

The name of the choir is "GodSpel" to remember that the Word of God comes

in different way from all religions but have the same meaning.


An exciting way of life not to be missed.

One way to download negativity, transforming it into pure energy.

One way to do something different and unique.


To manage a choir, you must obviously have a good knowledge of music, an excellent command of vocal technique and, above all, to be gifted with a good ear. The role of "choir director" is a specialization that is reached, scholastically, after years of study at the conservatory and numerous tests of achievement. For those, however, want to challenge themselves in this adventure in a less "canonical", it is sufficient, however, a smattering (lots of it!) Of musical knowledge.


Harmonization is the art of being able to create a melody, that is, a succession of sounds that have different height and length and which together form a tissue, a music that is pleasant and pleasing to the ear. Obviously, this result can be achieved both with musical instruments, with both entries. In song, in fact, there are many examples to which you can refer. You can start by polyphonic choirs and then listen to the many bands that base their own style on the vocal harmonies.

To better understand the concept, you can try to get hold of a musical score than those used by a choir, for example, which shows the various items of altos, tenors, sopranos and basses. You'll notice how the notes, in some parts, they can also be the same but have a different range of octaves. There are those who define this with the term "ottavare" and not "harmonize", but actually, the same note but in different octaves give life to a different sound and thus to different notes.

Let's say that in this field there is a lot of confusion and there are no strict rules about it.


In a very general say that the harmonies are usually formed of four parts, one of which doubles one of the other three. But actually, things to keep in mind are really a lot. In addition to finding the right notes must also know how to sing properly and give each party the right interpretation. Sing so loud or soft, more or less blown. What matters then is the set and then listening ear, he is the real adviser in these cases. The harmonies can still be divided into four categories: monody, that is a melodic line performed by a single voice; homophony, ie two or more lines sung by many groups of items in a unison or octave climbing. We then polyphony omoritmica which follows the same pace, albeit with different voices and polyphony polyrhythmic with which each item follows several agreements with different rhythm and duration.



A choir is a group of people singing together.  

Born from my mind with de the desire to create and share.

The age limit from 13 years old.

No limit on ethnicity.

Everyone will encrease the vocals ability armonizing in the group of his vocal range.


​Everyone will stop a small audition to understand the intonation and the ability to harmonize and then be included in the group's own vocal range that is: The organic modern choral is usually formed by male voices (tenor, baritone and bass) and female voices (soprano, mezzo-sopranos and altos) sing together. The chorus can also be made ​​entirely of sun male voices or, more rarely, by female voices. Depending on the repertoire, soprano and alto parts that are normally incurred by female voices, can be sung by children (voices) or by male singers (sopranos and contraltos).





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